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Our 2014 Poster features the work of Peter Rafuse

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nova scotia folk artist peter rafuse

Nova Scotia woodcarving folk artist Peter Rafuse.

Peter Rafuse's wood-carving "Chicken Family"

The 2014 Folk Art Festival poster art by Peter Rafuse.

white polka dot pig - folk woodcarving Peter Rafuse's wood-carvings of skunks
nova scotia folk carvings by peter rafuse Peter Rafuse's wood-carving "Chicken Family"
Peter Rafuse's wood-carving of a large bird

Peter Rafuse, this year's feature artist, is one of the original true folk artists. He cuts down the trees, dries them, carves them into birds and animals, then finishes them with a coat of paint, often including his signature spots.

He and his wife, son, daughter-in-law and 12-month-old grandson live in a little house on Melanson Mountain in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, where he was born and raised.

Peter started carving in 1991 and was mentored by his neighbour, well-respected folk artist Garnet McPhail, who taught him how to carve. Peter works in the spring, summer and fall, but not the winter as it's too cold in his shop. He is delighted people like his work.

Peter uses sign language. He has been coming to the Folk Art Festival since 1999, which has helped him gain confidence with communication. He is very proud to have been chosen as this year's poster artist. His work is in galleries in Nova Scotia and Toronto. He will be busy this coming season making lots of artwork to bring to the Festival in August.

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