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August 6, 2017 & August 5, 2018

Our 2011 Poster features the work of Douglas Dorken

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Douglas Dorken' Mary Ellen Doug Dorken, folk artist
Doug Dorken & Sheila Woodcock Douglas Dorken paints
Doug Dorken folk artist Doug Dorken paintings
Douglas Dorkin, Nova Scotia

Douglas Dorken, featured artist for 2011, uses but one piece of wood, skillfully directing chisel and knife so that figures and landscape seem to emerge from within. Depending on the piece, he may use kiln-dried pine, poplar, or "sea-seasoned" wood to create his relief carvings. Following in the footsteps of his shipwright father, Doug took up carving in 1994 after retiring from a career in the navy.

As with all forms of art, formulating the idea is the most difficult step in the process. Once he fixes on a subject for a carving, Doug sketches the images in pencil on the piece and proceeds to "rescue them" from the wood. "Before I start a new project," he has said, "I sit on my carving stool and turn the wood over and over, studying each side and I try to picture fishermen and other people I know." Indeed, he admits that many of the figures he carves are based on real people.

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